from love

we are born.


In May 2018 Marnie Lyon with Rocky Mountain Fit and Blaire Hall of Lavender House Massage joined forces to provide tailored experiences for their clients.  Marnie and Blaire want to be an active force helping clients enjoy more birthdays with less pain, thereby improving and increasing the treasures of life.


After a short time, Marnie and Blaire knew they shared the same vision, and so, The Happy Lyon Center was born in October 2018. Marnie and Blaire had both moved to Manhattan, MT at the end of 2017 and have since fallen in love with the best little town in Montana.


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“Marnie is the biggest idea person you'll ever meet, and is literally the happiest Lyon” Massage Therapist, Blaire Hall, states of her business partner. After a few months of running through many ideas with Marnie, Blaire's son asked, "How many businesses are there? She should have it all grouped into Lyon Companies!” In just a few days time we settled on The Happy Lyon.



We center our work on helping people achieve better function with their bodies, and as a result when the body is healthy and finds itself centered, grounded and closer to  homeostasis than before. As a result, confidence soars, activity naturally increases and pain drastically reduces. Its a philosophy of helping people find the ways to improve their lives We assist, educate, celebrate and do anything we can to help people find joy in everyday life!





ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Nutritionist, Retired Registered Montana Dietitian
Organic Pond Care Maintenance


Marnie is a seasoned personal trainer and nutritionist. For many years Marnie was a registered dietitian working with the state of Montana and her love for helping people with health and lifestyle improvement easily transitioned into creating a place where one can find happiness in many ways - via improving physical fitness, balance and awareness of body, nutritional choices, experiences and products. Marnie has an intangible way of helping those with whom she comes into contact see bright side of life and all its experiences. She is an infectious joy!




Professor Emeritus, Ohio State University College of Medicine & Medical College of Wisconsin


Dr. Gary Stoner is a researcher originally from Manhattan, MT who has worked at universities in Ohio and Montana. He joined the National Cancer Institute in 1976 where conducted research on the metabolism of tobacco carcinogens. He became involved in cancer prevention research at the Medical College of Ohio where his lab  developed a “food-based” approach to cancer prevention.  His research is documented in more than 350 peer reviewed publications. Today, he continues to research on cancer prevention.  Dr. Stoner offers his services at The Happy Lyon Center as a consultant for nutraceuticals. Dr. Stoner's black raspberry powder is available through The Happy Lyon Center.





Licensed Massage Therapist
Holy Fire Reiki Master

Former teacher, graphic artist and marketing manager


Blaire is a massage therapist and Holy Fire Reiki Master who effectively uses her intuition and professionalism to help co-create genuine connections resulting in the best possible experience for those with whom she works. Before becoming a Massage Therapist & Reiki practitioner, Blaire was a public school teacher, a graphics & marketing professional and business owner. Blaire comes to The Happy Lyon from many years of life as a southerner. Upon meeting Marnie, her focus and alignment with the idea of promoting happiness and well being was able to help bring the idea of gifting happiness to life. Blaire is also the business Manager and can answer any of your questions about the services offered here.





Registered Yoga Teacher, RYT200
YogaMotion Academy


Terry is our yoga instructor for Gentle Yoga. She brings a great sense of calm and awareness of self to all of her sessions. Terry serenely guides her participants into balancing attention to the body, and attention to the environment at the same time. Terry is a walking embodiment of mindfulness and with that, her gratitude for all experience life brings is unique and brings about a more authentic experience when you are around her!




Licensed Nail Technician,

Barber and Culinary Artist


Chau comes from the west coast, and most recently Oregon before she moved to the Gallatin Valley. She has more than 10 years experience as a nail technician and brings vast knowledge about practices that provide the best nail care. She is a positive person who brings a fresh new perspective to The Happy Lyon Center. Chau works all day on Wednesdays, and on Sunday mornings by appointment only.





Norwex represenntative,

Owner, & Editor Montana Parent Magazine


Cora is our most knowledgeable contributor with Norwex cleaning systems, an organic, simple and chemical free cleaning system for your home or workplace. Norwex products are available through The Happy L yon Center.



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