fitness, a simple concept but a difficult road for many. life's priorities often put others above ourselves and as a consequence we learn to accept the 'norm' of self-neglect. One day, you notice you've lost muscle mass and function, experienced injuries and chronic pain or simply are coping with chronic health conditions. Regaining fitness can seem out of reach. Its very much not!


We put real fitness within reach.

Is this just another gym?


Heck no! At The Happy Lyon, holistic fitness is primarily about how you're feeling and functioning. Weight loss and improved physique are wonderful benefits but getting yourself in a pain-free, fully functioning state is primary. We help you to start where you are, do what you can, and help you use what you have to reach your own fitness goals. We believe holistic fitness should be about:

  • Using pain, and limited mobility as indicators
  • Safety first: proper form, creates better muscle function
  • Ergonomics for daily tasks
  • Building strength to protect joints
  • Improving & protecting joint function
  • Using Breathwork for systematic benefits and mental focus
  • Improving and maintaining balance & agility
  • Improving circulation and tissue hydration through MELT Method Techniques
  • Reducing stress, improving muscle recovery, improving circulation (and more) through massage therapy
  • Bringing yourself into the moment at any moment, thereby reducing stress & improving attention
  • Social interaction at a comfortable level

Putting fitness in reach.


Self Awareness

At the happy lyon we use a pain free, responsive approach to address pain & discomfort. we believe self-Awareness at the highest level is your first and most important tool. On a physical level, our experience (and lots of research) we have found removing any pain from a fitness regime allows for a more meditative movement practice. Avoid the pain, and you can calmly focus on your body and being present in the moment.


A  barometer

At the happy lyon, we use pain in the body as an indicator to what motions, massage techniques and energy work should be done to help you out of that cycle. Pain is your body's way of communicating with you about what choices to make. The first, and most important skill we teach is body awareness.


Listen to your body and take heed.



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